Comprehensive, historically accurate information on the history and lore of La Fée Verte.

Absinthe accoutrements, both reproduction and antique originals.

Thujone Info

Accurate, authoritative scientific information about thujone, the controversial active ingredient in absinthe. The most comprehensive collection of peer-reviewed papers on the subject available online.

Musée Virtuel de l'Absinthe
Our acclaimed French language reference site, showcasing the Oxygénée collection of absinthe-related art, antiques and ephemera.

Absinthe Classics
For the true connoisseur - ultra-premium French and Swiss absinthes made according to historically accurate principles. THE online source for high-end absinthe.

La Fée Verte
Ground zero for the absinthe renaissance - the website that ignited the modern revival. The forum has run continuously since the mid 1990's.
The leading online vendor of premium modern absinthe. We stock most leading marques, many on an exclusive basis. Shipping is free on larger orders, and we ship worldwide .

Online sales of the finest absinthes from French and Swiss distilleries.

Absinthe Originals
Authentic original antique Belle-Epoque era absinthe accoutrements, including spoons, glasses, carafes, fountains, "objets de pub", ephemera and posters.

The Absinthe Spoon
The premier site for every type of absinthe accoutrement - spoons, glasses, carafes, fountains. Many are specially made for us to our precise specifications, to be exact reproductions of the antique Belle Epoque originals.